Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Oroville Dam Disaster Occurred Due to Incompetence and Neglect

As state officials clamp down on records at Oroville Dam, one of the country’s foremost experts on catastrophic engineering failures has used state inspection reports, photographs and historical design specifications to piece together an autopsy detailing why the spillway at the country’s tallest dam failed so spectacularly this winter.

The independent analysis by Robert Bea, of the Center for Catastrophic Risk Management at UC Berkeley, points to design and construction flaws dating back to the spillway’s construction in the 1960s. Bea said the gaping crater that formed in the spillway on Feb. 7 was all but inevitable given that the design problems were compounded by inadequate upkeep and maintenance.

- Sacramento Bee:  Expert performed autopsy on Oroville spillway collapse. Here’s what he found.

The Oroville Dam is a case study in the rape of tax dollars required to support America's infrastructure in favor of devices to destroy someone else's infrastructure.  That's the same thing many call patriotism.  (Ithaka:  When Americans Will Talk About their Flag, Run ... Quickly)

In this satellite image from 2010, Bea points out the many cracks on the surface of the spillway and the trees growing too close to the edge of the structure.

Google Earth Pro

The failure of this dam shouldn't have surprised anyone but incompetence abounds with this lot.  (RT:  'This is not good': Probe reveals mistakes in handling rupture at Oroville Dam)

The recounting from the Sacramento Bee was impressive just as it was with Marcos Breton reporting on the flag.  When unbiased news sources in America are so difficult to find, this one might be a useful resource.

Thanks to Pink for this one as well.

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