Thursday, April 20, 2017

"Final Draft" for Writing Screenplays with Apple or Windows Computers

Just as with almost any creative endeavor, Apple was, prior to Tim Cook, was usually supplying the software for it and applies to music, graphics, movies, and screenplays.  I was not previously aware of "Final Draft" but it appears to be an industry leader.  Visit their site at Final Draft.

There was a book at The Center about writing screenplays so I took a look and it wasn't written by the Final Draft company but it was entirely focused on their software.  That gave an idea of the depth of the ability of the software which also means it won't be a simple read it and people may avoid it such as they do with Adobe Photoshop since it's too damn hard to learn.

Note:  I abandoned Photoshop when they went to subscription support since that only means it's impossible to pay for it and they will bill you for life.

Final Draft 10.0 is available for $250 and some call that hefty but such a statement only reveals lack of knowledge since Final Cut went for about a grand at one time and it's about $250 now.

Note:  it also runs on Windows.

Beat Board™

With this unique tool you can now brainstorm, break story, and capture your ideas as “Beats” completely within Final Draft. Add, move and easily organize beats as you let the ideas flow.

It wouldn't make any sense to try to tell you how it works when I have not used it.  However, I have taken a look which has given me enough reason and I would buy the software if I had the jingle.

Note:  you may regard that as a cheapshot about Tim Cook but I looked in the Fort Worth Apple Store because I had some time to kill and it amused me to stumble about the mall while I observed who looked at me like street refuse and who smiled.  It was surprising to see women smile back and maybe it's because, unlike so many, I don't walk around with a mobile like I'm the only person in the world.  Tap, tap, tap ... piss off.

One thing you know for sure with someone who can't leave the phone in his or her pocket is they're not just ignoring you; they never pay attention to anyone.

Take a look around that Apple store and here's a little challenge:  just try to find any software.  I did see an iPod Nano which was smaller than a pack of cigarettes.  In other words, instead of making devices more capable, Tim Cook makes them smaller while he throws out software development altogether.

Software like Final Cut, Final Draft, and various others were always the only real reason for using computers; that's why I started using Apple computers in the first place since they have always done it better than competitors.  The competition made Flight Simulator which is great when you want to learn how to fly aircraft into buildings and that is how it was used since it was so boring people would usually crash the aircraft just to get out of it.

That software isn't going away and it only seems like it due to the overwhelming banality of most modern computer applications (e.g. Facebook, Google+, and a host of others).

Final Draft looks like impressive software so I'll add that to the Software Lust List.  Note:  there's nothing else on it.  I really am intrigued since writing plays / screenplays has been interesting to me but such a lot of formatting.  If the software does the formatting while the human supplies the thinking then maybe there's a good deal to be made here.

We shall see.

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