Monday, April 17, 2017

The Dornier DO X, Largest Flying Boat Which Ever Existed | Check out the Huge RC Model

Watching this model, it's incredible to see it can actually fly and it must have been astounding to see the real one take off since the Dornier DO X could and did land at sea for refueling.

Note:  you might want to silence the awful music which runs up to about +2:00.

You may not think this bird can fly but, oh, yeah, it certainly can and looks surprisingly elegant doing it.

At Hausen am Albis Flugtag 2014 and 2015
The Pilots is Michael Bräuer- The Dornier Do-X have 4.80m Wingspan and 12 Engines 10ccm OS FS 62 V
Filming, and cuts by Thomas Minder alias Flyfreak also on Facebook
By Rc Pilots around the World Movie Team

- YouTube

I'm not sure why but RC model aircraft seem to be bigger in Germany than anywhere else and the craft of building them seems hugely popular there.

Here's some of the actual history of the aircraft.  20th Century Aviation Mag:  The 12 Engine Dornier DOX Flying Boat

You bet it was real but not many were constructed.  Sadly, none exist today since they were built long before WWII and none survived the war.

Check out the people on the wing and also the front of the fuselage.  This was one huge aircraft and I love the way it has a bridge for the flight crew just as if it were an ocean vessel.

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