Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Guardian Assembles the Pro Team to "Paint It Purple"

The Rockhouse admires a good slashing and The Guardian really doesn't give us such a good one but at least it's representative.

The Guardian:  Former Trump adviser Carter Page held 'strong pro-Kremlin views', says ex-boss

Holy Christ!  He had 'strong pro-Kremlin views?'  I already hate him and I know you do too.

Carter Page, relatively obscure in US foreign policy circles, was among the most forthrightly pro-Russia advisers to sign on with Trump. Photograph: Yuri Kochetkov/EPA

- Guardian

Oh man, it gets even worse.  He not only held pro-Russia views but he was forthright about them.

Mike Pompeo:  I will have him killed

I thought you were on your way to Zimbabwe, Mikey.  Get the fuck out of here.  (Ithaka:  For the Best Internet Hoax of the Day, We Offer the Three-Week Erection)

Dear Lord, it gets even worse.  He had an ideology.

A former adviser to Donald Trump who is at the centre of an FBI investigation was exhibiting “strongly pro-Kremlin” ideology almost two decades ago, his former employer has told the Guardian.

- Guardian

Oh, God ... an ideology.  Those are the worst, aren't they.  I fucking hate this man.

Now Page – who has denied all wrongdoing – is at the centre of overlapping FBI and congressional investigations into possible cooperation between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

- Guardian

What wrongdoing?  We haven't seen anything but mindlessly specious rubbish, thus far.  As far as the Rockhouse is aware, the White House is supposed to be in touch with the Kremlin.  That's typically what responsible governments do but, of course, The Guardian comes from England so how would they know.

Ed:  are they even aware they're just a bunch of stooges who push McCarthyism from over sixty years ago?

They're Guardian journos ... they don't have to read.

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