Friday, April 21, 2017

The Genius of the CIA Was Clear Ever Since they Helped bin Laden

This kind of bullshit is just priceless.  Anyone who lived through it knows the truth of this.  Osama bin Laden was the CIA's best buddy in Afghanistan; they were just like Paris Hilton's BFFs, at least until the CIA had him killed.

America is like Ithaka in some ways insofar as it tries to be funny but it isn't.

Hey y'all, how about we get tight with bin Laden to kill Commies and then later we kill him.  That's funny, right?

Also, how about we do business for Qaddaffi for forty years and then send a flaming warthog to kill him?

Ed:  you mean the A-10?

Nah, Hillary Clinton.  You saw the flames coming out of her demonic eyes when she talked about it.  That woman is on a hellbound train.  Usually you don't kind that kind of personal affect unless it's a serial killer talking about stabbing young women.

Note:  I saw one describing that and then he licked his lips.  That's when I started running.

Better yet, how about doing business with Hussein for forty years and then we will whack him.  You had to have laughed about that, right?

Well, how about fucking with Iran's government in 1953 and then blaming them for it ever since.  That move was hilarious.

Ed:  bring out Lewis Black!  He's funny!

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