Friday, April 21, 2017

The Problem in America: Voodoo Donuts

What motto was ever more appropriate for Washington:  the magic is in the hole.

Suddenly everything in Washington starts to make sense.  They're fat, stupid, and bewitched so there's your answer for it:  the donuts ... and we just get the hole.

Ed:  but there's magic in it!

You betcha, there's so much magic in it.

Ed:  has Sarah Palin been eating the donuts again?

Instead of drinking herself shit-faced, you mean?  She was blathering today trying to imply she was sexually harassed at Fox News rather than being dumped for shitty ratings.  Once a sewer rat, always a sewer rat.

Sarah:  you want some of my magic, big boy?

Not without a non-specific antibiotic to protect me from whatever is in it, darlin'.

Note:  Voodoo Donuts is where some fellow recently ate one of their monster donuts and promptly croaked.  Be careful out there.

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