Thursday, April 20, 2017

Madam, Your Boobs Are Under Arrest

We have all had the experience in which we have flashed our boobs at a cop, that triggered him into steroidal madness, and, lady, now you're goin' to jail.

The circumstance was one of those infuriating inspection machines at the entrance to some public building which are only matched by the infuriating incompetence of those who run them since this is like working funerals, etc for cops; just send the complete losers for those gigs.

Our heroine flipped from the hassle or so they say and the cop busted her for indecent exposure.  Only in America.

Saginaw County Governmental Center, 111 S. Michigan in Saginaw. (MLive File Photo)

Note:  Michigan is home to Flint where so many were poisoned by lead which is a cumulative poison since there's no way to get it out of your system.  That didn't cost the copper any sleep but, by Christ, these naked boobs have to stop.

SAGINAW, MI -- Police say a 45-year-old Saginaw woman, frustrated at having to reenter the metal detectors at the county's government building, flashed her breasts at the deputies and was arrested on a charge of  indecent exposure.

- Michigan Live: Woman accused of showing deputy her breasts in government building

The woman was with a younger woman and had followed her through the metal detector but was told to go back through because it had beeped.

The woman appeared frustrated at having to go back through and proceeded to lift up her shirt and then pull down her pants slightly to show she didn't have anything illegal on her.

At that point, one of the deputies told her to go back through, placed her in handcuffs and told her she was under arrest on a charge of indecent exposure.

The woman asked why, to which the deputy said, "Because you showed me your breasts."

- ML

The woman has no move since she knows he's incompetent or he wouldn't have the gig in the first place and she knows he has a needle dick or he would have laughed when she did it.  If she protests, the next thing to come is she's face-down on the floor in handcuffs.

Say there, copper, great job on bringing Governor Rick Snyder to justice, huh.  You are one real American hero, buddy.

Note:  Rick Snyder could have prevented the problem in Flint but did nothing and he still has his job. Yes, he is a Republican.  Welcome to Michigan.

Rick Snyder not only didn't have the family honor to go down with the ship, he got a bonus for sinking it.

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