Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Feel the Verve of the Voodoo in Haiti

Souvenance, Haiti

A woman lies in a trance during a Vodou ceremony. Haitian devotees descended on the area to take part in traditional religious ceremonies held during Easter weekend

Photograph: Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images

That's not spiritual ecstasy; she's drunk as a monkey.

We can see from the utensils there's been lots of eating and that bottle likely saw lots of service.  If we pour much liquor into that tiny frame then she will be seeing Jesus for sure.  The same thing happens to you when you try, doesn't it.

Oh, God, I promise I'll never drink again if you only let me stop rolfing into the toilet and go to bed.

Oh, Lord, I promise I'll never drink again if you only stop the bed spinning.

Oh, Jesus, I promise I will stop giving shit to stoners just because they never experience this.

But you're lying, aren't you ... and he really fucks you up the next time.  All the evidence implies the good Lord really, really doesn't like drunkies.

Ed:  so why did the good Lord make alcohol in the first place?

He didn't make it, ducks; you did.  Now you're sick as fuck and blaming him.  Ain't you a peach, huh?

Ed:  you're not a Christian?

Nope but I find there's some funny shit in defending it.  You know drunkies do that so why not have a larf.

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