Monday, April 17, 2017

Yevette's Clover Plantation in the Midwest and Toby the Dog

The lady is serious about saving some honeybees.

Conversely, Toby the Dog isn't serious about anything except howling when he hears sirens from emergency vehicles.

I finally got a pic of him since I didn't need flash and it's evil to use flash with animals.  So, meet Toby the Dog.

Mystery Lady, I just saw the card to Yevette and here are some woofs for Joy.  He's not a big dog but he sure is a jumpin' li'l rascal.

Here's Toby the Dog guarding the plantation against something.  We have no idea what it could possibly be but he's ready.

It looks like MIDWEST is becoming the Ithaka keyword for this one is from real life and it won't necessarily be the cancer update but it might.  I don't regard the cancer as real life but rather a horror bitch which comes out of nowhere to fuck it up.  In my view, real life is how you deal with it so you're still in the game when it's over.


Anonymous said...

If you had some hives, think of the sweet clover honey you would have.....and Toby is looking for his lady Joy to arrive. :) That taco place sounds like the real deal and whatever works is important. I hope you got something to eat there too, but you did not mention it. I sound like a broken record, but you need to put fuel into the car to have it run....Hugs all 'round

P.S. Do you have a blender?? And did you get the hotplate link? Please let me know some way. And a little tip that worked for me on those canned nutritional shakes--serve cold over crushed ice with a straw to drink it. I will look for a comment to this posting. I have noticed sometimes you do not post comments; I'm never sure if you see them, but I realize things are hectic just now.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Nope, you don't sound at all like a broken record and all those things are true.

There is a blender and the burners on the stove do work. The nutritional shakes could work out since Boost and Ensure are the stand-bys now.

I don't throw out any Comments but sometimes I'm slow about them. I guess I should put out a blurb about my own situation since I've been shamelessly using coverage of The Situation as a screen for anything happening with me. Sorry since maybe that's lying in a way.