Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Guardian Never Fails to Deliver on Resounding Mediocrity

CNN serves up large doses of mindless swill, much like they serve outdated hot dogs at an eating contest, but the Guardian can top that any time.

It’s time to stop looking for yourself - Svend Brinkmann

Don't miss this one for the image of the beatific female who presumably stopped looking for herself.

Ed:  did you read that?

Nah.  She's only looking for fifty-year-old cliches and may not know what it means since 'looking for yourself' was the euphemism for taking a few years after university to get completely wasted before you have to enter the shithole corporate world and get trapped there for the rest of your miserable life.

Successful, lairy, scary – what does a vulnerable woman look like? - Hadley Freeman

Note:  we can always count on Hadley Freeman for something stupidly vacuous.  She's a long-time journo vaporizer and presumably considers herself successful although it's not clear at what.

Ed:  did you read the article?

Why bother?  I'm living with a vulnerable woman.

Journalism faces a crisis worldwide – we might be entering a new dark age - Margaret Simons

The Guardian wonders, "Wow, how in the world did that happen.  We print state-sponsored spew just as fast as the next guy so what's the problem?"

I didn't see our favorite, Jessica Valenti, and she's the one-woman embodiment of Millennial hopelessness.  Don't miss her set but here's a tip:  it's your fucking fault!

Ed:  you're a one-man WHM (Woman Hating Machine)!

Nah, in fact I'm not.  I admire actualized women but these are not they.  If you're blaming someone else for your shit, you ain't there yet, darlin', but do fix me some coffee, if you would.

Ed:  you don't even like coffee!

Nah, I don't, but I was curious to see what she would do if I asked.  I didn't think she would explode, tho.

The Guardian has become symptomatic of the failure of the so-called modern feminism which looks a whole lot like no feminism at all, actually.  The Rockhouse suggests The Guardian is a large part of the reason for that.

Ed:  so why did you go back?

The Guardian has the best pics.  The articles are mostly a waste of time but the pictures are often exquisite and shot by master photographers.

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