Sunday, April 16, 2017

North Korea Celebrates Some Damn Thing

North Korean soldiers carry flags and a photo of the late leader as they march across Kim Il-sung Square

Photograph: Wong Maye-E/AP

Americans hoot at pictures of this nature because they won't do it.  See for yourself and suggest to the comrades, "What say we institute a mandatory draft?"

You will hear from the Americans, "Go fuck yourself.  Patriotism is only for social networks."

All the news makes it seem like Americans hate everyone in the world but it's not true.  Most don't give a fuck.  They don't hate you; they don't even know where you are.

Ivan:  what about all those assholes who insult me all the time?

Sorry, comrade, as they embarrass us constantly and they don't bathe much either.  You won't like them; no-one does.

Ivan:  Americans love rich people.  You treat them like holy relics!

I tell you what, comrade, how often do you see us hanging around with fucking rich people.  We hate them and hope they fall off their yachts to get eaten by sharks.  Rich people won't come around the hoi polloi without an armed escort and that's good because we don't want to see those pigs.

Reiterating Rockhouse richness:  y'all earned your money.  Fucking billionaires did not.  Off with their cretinous heads and feed them to the animals.

Viva the Revolution

Mike Pompeo:  you fucking Communist bastard!  I will have you killed!  (Ithaka:  CIA Director Mike Pompeo Decides Psychosis is Best)

Take it easy, Mikey.  North Korea is an IQ test for the White House and it failed.

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