Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Regardless of the Question, "Get Some Tacos" is Often a Good Answer in the Midwest

That doesn't mean Taco Bell is ever a good answer unless you just really don't give a shit about your food since fake meat and fake cheese is still crap even when soaked in fake Mexican salsa.  After all, there are fat people who go to Taco Bell ... and those who soon will be.

However ...

I was running Tactical today because, wtf, it was necessary and this may sound saintly but it can't be helped and I trust you won't be fooled.  I ran her a bath while I tried to wake her by telling her the time and that she would only need to stumble to the bathtub since by that time it would be ready for her.  That did seem like it helped with the launch since the day was vibing fairly well from the start.

I drove her to The Center TX and I can't report much since my only job is to wait.  They don't let civilians back around the rad equipment but the visits are usually about forty-five minutes and then we're in the wind again.

Note:  I do recommend The Center tentatively pending Yevette's full review since the observation from she and I is they're incredibly sensitive and highly-attentive to the needs of the patient.

Yevette's doctor wanted to do a full check today so it took longer than usual but it was helpful to Yevette and she came back feeling relatively good about things.  Don't read that in the wrong way since she definitely doesn't feel good but when your mindset gets tangled then it feels worse.

Nothing was tangled too much today and there was a little chit chat after in which I could tell, wowzer, the lady is hungry; find food immediately.  There's a taco joint and they're not even close to real unless they put cilantro into everything.  That one is authentic.  I have never been there since I'm broke plus I'm antisocial like a wolverine with an attitude but Yevette had remarked on it previously.

So I asked ... wanna taco?

Blew me away since she did.  My only thinking was if you think you can eat it then I'll damn sure get you there.

The place was only a few doors away so we were there in a jiffy and she ordered a taco with eggs, bacon, cheese, potato, and she had them add cilantro plus some onion.  I was hearing that and wondering how she could possibly tuck into that but she sure did and she scarfed it right down.

Ed:  egg taco?

Take it easy, Yankee Boy, since this wasn't Taco Bell and these are tacos which weren't made by some kid from the local high school.  The owners came from Mexico and they even make fish tacos if you like.  I didn't try it but that one is so strange I do believe I will have to do it some time.

Pick up a little of the vibe since it was 80F and sunny today in Fort Worth.  The taco place has an outside patio so went out there to eat and pick up close to a perfect Spring vibe.

You know The Situation sucks but I don't want to flog that aspect when it's a known thing.  I do think it's important to emphasize there are moments like the above within this which come out of nowhere and it only takes eleven bucks to make them happen.  I never expected that since I thought it would be a continuous period of misery so be brave, get it done.  That there are rainbows within that has been entirely unexpected.

Ed:  say there, Pollyanna, are you seriously telling me the moral of the story is to expect rainbows?

Nooooo, don't expect them ... but don't stop looking for them.

Ed:  I'm going to puke

Do as you will but this scene is real.

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