Monday, April 17, 2017

People Everywhere Are So Glad They're Not Boris Johnson

For impotent political spew monkeys, there are few who exceed the utter uselessness of Boris Johnson who makes any politician anywhere else look actually credible.

Ed:  does he make Marine Le Pen look credible?

She was already entirely believable as a demonic malevolence who whores populism for personal enrichment.  (Ithaka:  French Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) | He Kills this One | Outstanding)

Let me put it this way, li'l cupcake, Boris Johnson is what you get when you try to call a politician but instead get valet parking.  He will pick up your car, crack it up, and say the damage was already there.  Theresa May just did that to the entire country.  Johnson is a fatter and louder version of that but he's never been particularly good at it and is a living example of The Peter Principle.

Ed:  if he ever meets Mike Pence, his American equivalent in no-future politicians, it will be love at first sight but Boris will be the Dominator.

Boris:  who's yer doggy daddy, Mikey?  I know it hurts.  Take it.

Mikey:  I hate you, Boris, but don't stop; don't ever stop

Sure, the Rockhouse needs more decorum ... to be like those miserable shitbags, huh?  And let me kick back for a minute while you regale me about how much you ever wanted to be like one of those lethal motherfuckers.  In my life, I have never, ever, heard of anyone saying, oh, God, I pray some day I can be a politician.  It's not just me who thinks they represent nothing more than coinage and corruption and all of them would look better with Calfornia neckties.

Ed:  what's that?

A hangman's noose

In case you have lived in a cave, they're trying to start a war and the kind of bile spewing from Johnson's malevolent piehole is exactly the talk which precedes one.  We hear the some bilious bullshit from MSM in America and maybe it would be good to be as decorous as those pandering parasites of electronic prostitution.  They're nothing but online whores with better make-up and better webcams.

Ed:  even Rachel Maddow?

Especially Rachel Maddow.   She just sings the same state song with a slightly different melody and calls herself a radical.  The Rockhouse calls her a cheap statist slut who whores out progressivism all the way to the bank.

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