Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New York Post Advises About Stoners ... Without Knowing the First Damn Thing About Us

Here's your hipster stoner:

  • 84 percent are employed full-time
  • 65 percent have a household income greater than $75,000
  • 63 percent are married or living with a significant other.

New York Post:  Say goodbye to the ‘loner stoner

Apparently Tricky Dick Morgan, author of the article, thinks that's some change from the past and maybe all stoners are like Cheech & Chong.

Ed:  he's just trying to pump himself up after he finally got a gig.


  • 100% employed most of my adult life (stopped by illness)
  • Significantly higher income than above
  • The last is accurate since I was married about two thirds of that time but the times I was straight were when I wasn't married

Fuckin' hipsters make my toes itch.

Why, hell, I was blowin' the ganja and pullin' a tall income while your junior hipster ass was nothing but a stoner fantasy in the incoherent minds of your parental units.

I love this old crank stuff.

The new cannabis consumer is not your father’s stoner.

Today’s version wants to keep his wits about him — even when partaking in weed, according to a large industry survey.

The modern cannabis customer, in a country where more and more states are legalizing its use, wants to integrate pot smoking into a wellness program that includes diet and exercise, said the landmark study of 800 regular cannabis users by New York consultancy Miner & Co. Studio.


I am your father's stoner and, wtf, maybe I'm your father.  Ha.  Sow those wild oats, eh?

Ed:  is that true?

Nah.  Like many, I worshipped the Trojan Rubber Company as my saviour (with a little s).  I was religious about it too.  Ain't no little Silases running around.

Ed:  that sounds responsible

That's impossible for a Boomer stoner, right.  Tricky Dick is trying to blow primo buds from his backside.

That article is such uninformed rubbish.  The only time I ever saw ganja smokers blowin' it into oblivion was the late Sixties / Seventies.  Beyond that, stoners have invariably been the sharpest and the most intelligent people I knew.  That perspective goes back fifty years but, hey, what the fuck do I know.

Ed:  maybe Tricky Dick has you all mixed-up with heroin addicts?

It sure seems so.  There's not much sense to the article otherwise.


Anonymous said...

You can't prove a theory with a single sample size
Since your world is seen through a 17" screen and your real world intermingling is almost non existent.
Your comments on who and what pot smokers are not really valid as your same size is far too small to be statically relevant.
Of course the pot smokers you relate to are the ones you know and since you only know the intelligent people than you worked with or played music with your view is very skewed to the overall population of pot smokers.
As you said before we live in different worlds.
I would like to see the sampling methods used to choose the interviewees of this survey as very few of the people that I deal with come even close to that study.
I assume that these are pot smokers who frequent dispensaries but have no evidence other than the skewed results

Peas InOurThyme said...

I know exactly what I'm saying and from experience. I'm qualified to comment since the author remarked on the consistency of my life which showed he knows nothing of it. I don't know what hipsters do and mostly don't care but this article was rubbish in trying to create a contrast which doesn't exist.