Sunday, April 16, 2017

"La Venus," "Say Anything," "Born to be Free," "Kurenai" | X Japan Live 2017 | Magnificent

Toshi's voice sounds almost angelic at times.  There are many girls in the audience and you can see they're some head-bangin' females but they're singing all the words for the sweet parts.

"Born to Be Free" is a huge favorite and I haven't heard it live previously.  It's not likely you will ever see anyone but Yoshiki do virtuoso work on the piano and then run over to the drums to play those like a master as well.

Maybe you question the vocals but Toshi is my faraway favorite over grinder scream rock vocals in which the singer sounds like a chain saw ... don't need that.

I'm puzzled since I thought "Kurenai" was something else but it kicked whatever it was.

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