Sunday, April 16, 2017

If You Liked "Blackhawk Down," You'll Love What the Emperor Did this Time

RT:  US army makes largest deployment of troops to Somalia since ‘Black Hawk Down’

The US army has deployed dozens of troops to Somalia to train forces fighting Al-Shabab Islamist militant group in the largest deployment of troops to the country since 1993, when 18 US soldiers died in a battle dramatized in the movie Black Hawk Down.

A US military official told Voice of America that the team will train-and-equip Somali and AMISOM (African Union Mission in Somalia) forces, with the mission expected to last until the end of September.

"United States Africa Command will conduct various security cooperation and/or security force assistance events in Somalia in order to assist our allies and partners," US Africa Command spokesman Pat Barnes told the government funded Voice of America.

- RT

Those dim-witted shavetail generals must think we don't remember the last time they used that bullshit excuse.

Hint:  Vietnam

Before that fiasco was over, fifty-five thousand American troops were dead.  Pentagon incompetence caused that too.  They wanted that obscene war so damn bad but had no idea what they were trying to accomplish.  They're just as thick-headed today as they were then since they have no idea what they're trying to accomplish in Syria.  America is being dominated by a bunch of fucking Keystone Kops in the Pentagon.

The wanton escalation of military engagement is the first resort of a fucking incompetent President and we have seen five iterations of them as we suffer through the fifth now.

The incompetence goes back to Reagan who was just as much of an evil fuck as the ones who followed but at least he knew what he was doing and he accomplished the things he wanted, malevolent to the future of the country such as they were.

Donald Trump's forecast for this Easter:  more death.

Let's listen to him praying today, shall we?

Oh, God ... fly me to the Moon, Donald.  I'm feeling the power, man.  I'm feeling it.  Let's fucking kill people for Jesus, huh?

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