Thursday, April 20, 2017

Relationship of Umbilical Cord to Memory - Science

Recently there was a story about a woman who was outraged because she had frozen the placenta from when she delivered her baby but someone stole it.

In other news, who the fuck steals a frozen placenta?

Maybe the FPS (Frozen Placenta Syndrome) comes about when women hear so much about the benefits of eating the placenta and they get filled with that Mother Earth vibe but, holy fuck, I really have to eat this disgusting shit?  She chokes as well she should and it goes into the freezer.

It's a novel situation since we can see throughout the animal kingdom that all of them do it since that presumably imparts goodness to the mother and subsequently her new progeny.

However, it's so blindingly disgusting and do you seriously think I will do that.

You can't cook it or you know well it will cook the goodness out of it or at least a lot of it.  Maybe you're tough enough or have no sense of taste, smell or vision but it's not likely many can hack it since simply eating sushi or sashimi probably won't prepare you.

Ed:  carpaccio because at least it's beef, right?

Oh, sure.  That will be helpful, no doubt (smirk).

but ...

The Science

Science Daily:  Protein in human umbilical cord blood rejuvenates old mice's impaired learning, memory

Human umbilical cord blood can rejuvenate learning and memory in older mice, according to a study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

The researchers identified a protein, abundant in human cord blood but decreasingly so with advancing age, that had the same effect when injected into the animals.

The findings could lead to new treatments for age-associated declines in mental ability.

- SD

The interested student can pursue it further in the article but we accept the premise and the research.  There is at least this protein in the umbilical cord which we probably want.

The question goes back to Young Mother at the top.  There's no question of the goodness which comes from the placental tissue but how is it possible to obtain without chowing down on this glop.

Here's the short answer, Doctor, "I won't fucking do it.  I've tried some really disgusting things right up to that time my ol' Mother tried to cook tripe but I ain't eating this."

Maybe then the Good Doctor tells her, "What say I run the Medical Magicker program and separate the goodness from the gunk so we have separate jars with the components of the goodness."

Hopefully we're not losing anyone since you know up to this point they can do it.

The basic science probably is something of that nature since they will want to isolate at least the specific protein they have identified as beneficial to sustaining memory.

However, how does that apply to Young Mother.  She's fed-up with basic politics, basic medicine, and basic bullshit.

That's your question, brainiacs.  We know there is goodness in the placental tissue so how are we going to get it in some way which doesn't have the Vatican shooting rockets through the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Ed:  it may be necessary to piss them off

Well it might but the question remains of just what do you want to do in the first place.  We have Young Mother up there with her frozen placenta and no fucking idea what to do with it so, here at the Rockhouse, it looks like cultural evolution is frozen at an impasse.

Tallyho, brainiacs.  This is yours to solve.

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