Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Is Mad Dog Mattis More of a Bumbling Fool than Rex Tillerson

You saw it with Rex Tillerson who's a bulky, bloated, blob of babbling bullshit, typical of fat fuckers with too much money who are accustomed to other people doing the work.  He went over to Russia wrapped in his self-aggrandizing regal hogwash and, what a surprise, Lavrov thought he was an idiot thus showing he's considerably more perceptive than a great many Americans.

The Mad Dog is trying a different play.  (RT:  Mattis confirms ‘deconflicting’ with Russia, seeks political solution for Yemen)

There were many evil things the Tripartite Conspiracy (i.e. Obama, Biden, Clinton) has done but providing the weapons to the Saudis for the genocide in Yemen may well be one of the worst and that goes up to the Andrew Jackson school of wanton murder.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arriving at King Salman Air Base, Saudi Arabia, April 18, 2017. © US Department of Defense

The Mad Dog appears to take care of himself unlike that lard bucket, Tillerson, or Trump either, for that matter, when he takes leperine cellulite diplomacy to ever more juvenile worlds.

The “deconfliction” hotline between the US and Russia is still operational, Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters on the way to Saudi Arabia, where he is expected to discuss defeating ISIS in Syria and ending the war in Yemen.

Mattis is in the Middle East on a weeklong tour, starting with Saudi Arabia, where he landed Tuesday. He is scheduled to meet with the Saudi leadership, including King Salman, and discuss the war effort against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and the bloodbath in Yemen.

“We are deconflicting with the Russians,”Mattis told reporters en route to Riyadh, adding, “We are not coordinating with the Russians.”

“We continue to deconflict with the Russians for safety of flight, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding, or any kind of inadvertent running into each other” as the two militaries carry out strikes against targets in close proximity, the Pentagon chief said.

- RT

The Tripartite Conspiracy did everything possible to prevent exactly the thing the Mad Dog is doing so is it even possible this fellow brings some reason to this.  It's still not a whole lot of reason but we have been in a desert for anything of that nature for decades.

I know you're completely nackered by the constant threat of a nuke war and the Tripartite Conspiracy can bob and wave all it likes but Obama was dead center in the nuclear escalation and authorization of the B-61 nuclear weapon is almost on par with Harry Truman starting the Cold War in the first place with the first above-ground nuclear testing.  Obama started it all over again and he can point fingers all he likes but that shiftless, lying motherfucker owns this.

The Mad Dog didn't start it;  Obama did.

Note:  nackered is Brit slang for exhausted.

Ed:  you're a Democrat!

All my life which, I might add, is longer than these poser pukes who call themselves Democrats now. They're the same fucking people who pass off Diane Feinstein or Hillary Clinton as liberals when actually they have been embarrassments for years.

Ed:  because they're women?

Because they're avaricious mercs.  Boobs have nothing to do with it.  Haven't you got it even now:  black Presidents and the same as white ones and beboobed Presidents are just as corrupt as the ones who wear pants.  I keep hearing all this shit about equality but I see damn few who believe it.

There's been a whole lot of Disneyland bullshit around Clinton, hasn't there.  She was going to be different from a male President.  WTF kind of feminist thinks that way?

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