Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Comparison of Two Inexpensive Portable Cooktops, Farberware and Cusimax

Inexpensive portable cooktops seem to have multiple advantages.  They don't take much space, probably are easy to clean, and they're likely at least fairly efficient about energy use.  The price is not much for a down stove situation or possibly for camping but more likely you will want a gas cooktop for camping.  You can spend more and get these things whatever way you like.  The ones shown here are almost the most elemental but there are one-burner cooktops as well.

I find if I want one burner then I will frequently need a second one so I don't see a whole lot of practicality in a single-burner device.

Farberware Double Burner

About $40 at Amazon: Farberware Double Burner

Note:  it's about $30 at Wal-Mart.

The review for this one was poor but there was only one.  The author said it was ok for most things but didn't get hot enough to boil water so it was useless for pasta, etc.  There was only one review so maybe that unit was defective.  Unknown.

Mystery Lady, this is the one you suggested and I did look after you took the time to find it.  The Amazon review was disappointing so I kept looking.

Cusimax CMP-180 w/1800-watts

About $52.99 on Amazon:  Cusimax CMIP-B180 1800W Infrared Cooktop,Ceramic Double Countertop Burner with Dual Temperature Control (Black,Stainless Steel)Farberware Double Burner

Note:  I did not see this one available at Wal-Mart.

There are maybe forty to fifty reviews for the Cusimax unit and the majority were positive.  Although a little more, it's not much more and it appears to be a better unit.  There are more-expensive Cusimax units for more features.

This one looks like a nifty device which could easily be stowed after use.  If I were buying right now, this is probably the one I would select.


Anonymous said...

I did not research it so glad you did. I just know that you shop Walmart a lot and could easily get it if you wanted. But like you said, the burners work, its just the oven thats out of order. I got a little single serving blender at Walmart--a little Hamilton Beach--it's probably not rated high, but I only put a few ice cubes with the milk and powder, so its fine--I dont push the limits, and the container is the cup ya drink from--under $20. ML

Peas InOurThyme said...

Thanks but she already had a blender. From what I saw the Cusimax for a cooktop cost a little more but was a better value. I've turned into a crackerjack shopper these days (larfs).