Friday, April 21, 2017

Because Sometimes You Need Otters

The video is more news than candid video of them playing but they're too young to be gamboling about just yet.

Sometimes I need otters.  I loathe the wickedness the news brings out of me, particularly when I know hardly anything from MSM is true except when they catch a pervert and those bastards bring out the special stuff since we just want to hurt them.

My life is not about hurting anyone and I live it but we do love that evil spirit inside us, don't we.  Usually we like to say some other force put it there but you know that's not true since we make that dark side just fine by ourselves.

There's no way to get the dark side out but it's afraid of otters and all science agrees on that.  Yer otters can't drive it away either but you won't likely think about it much while they're around.

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