Saturday, March 17, 2018

Around the homefires burnin’

Hello again dear friends!

Harley: you’re making this a habit Seraphin

Seraphin: yes I know. I do apologize. There has been much changing and going on here in Ithaka and I have been trying to keep up. Unfortunately being available here was one of the things that got sidetracked. How has everyone been?

Harley: Been popping around a few new ideas for costumes for next year. Lots of leather armor and sexiness. You’d better be hittin the gym

Seraphin: sounds fun. Well have to get on with designs soon

Harley: dont keep me waiting ;)

Seraphin: How bout you Si?

Si2: Just minding the shop and thinking on recent events. Do you care to discuss the current events as of late?

Seraphin: perhaps later. Its a bit late in the wvening atm and hat sounds like it may be quite the conversation, soon tho.  Raven how about you? Doing well?

Raven: chat later. Busy atm. Current world climate is ripe for the picking! Lots of souls to collect. Tata for now.

Seraphin: well that was quick

Well, alot has been going on and I am trying to refocus. A few quick notes to our beloved readers: 

1. Comments do not appear automatically so don’t fret if you don’t see yours right away. 
2. As it may be confusing to our new friends, all of the content of our blog prior to October 2017 was written by our dearly departed Dream God, Silas. Beginning in October of 2017 we began to cowrite together to maintain the blog within the Ithakan family and I, Seraphin, King of Ithaka am now the sole author.
3. Much of my writting will be personal and include the Ithakan Court (those discussed above) as well as others, but i will be discussing several differwnt matters as well that relate to the world itself
4. The Philosophers Club is on extended hiatus following several rough occurences in individual lives preventing meetings at this time.
5. While I will consider questions, comments and even requests for topics, i do not offer any assurance I will answer or address the topic.
6. Feel free to comment and interact and i will work on being able to respond as well
7. Yea each character is me. See prior post about seraphin and characters for full introductions.

So anyway, a quick update this evening and i will be working on more content this coming week as well but for now. I did have a slup with the no drinking. Convention fun got me and i had a few drinks. Nothing terrible happened but Im not happy with the slip up. That was back in february tho and tuesday will yet again mark 30 days sober. So that is exciting for me. In even more exciting news, my endeavors in the workforce of the world...

Harley: Seraphin, why are you working if youre a king?

Seraphin: would you accept ‘needing to set a proper example for our subjects?’

Harley: not wven a little

Seraphin: Very well, I tried. King doesnt pay much to be honest Harley. Its mostly responsibilities and looking good

Harley: so about that gym...

Seraphin: yes yes i skipped this week but well b there Monday so chill. But yes as i was saying...

I am very proud to announce that I have been transferred from my previous department to the department I really wanted to get in to and am doing even better than I was before. As always when it comes to work I will remain more vague than usual but suffice to say I am, if you can believe t, even happier than i was before and things have been greatly improved by the transition. So, coming soon we will have some fun from the latest photo shoots I was involved in, we will joke around about something stupid that may happen in the world (no shortage there), and we will see what tomorrow holds.

As always my friends, much love to you all and enjoy your day

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