Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Story Time with the King!

Hello again! Finally right? Yes i know its been a while simce my last post.

Harley: yea almost a month you reclusive jerk

Si2: now Harley thats rude. Im sure his highness had a legitimate reason to leave us all languishing away here in our little corner of the kingdom.

Seraphin: Si, I think Harley's shade is rubbing off on you.

But yes I agree it has been too long and I apologize for that. There is reason however so I will tell you of what has been occuring in our wonderful little kingdom.

A lil over a month ago the Queen and I attended a regalia of the finest quality found in Ithaka. And as such things go I found myself having had a bit much. Now this concerned the Queen greatly as I had been getting on in this manner a bit too frequently as of late. So we had a discussion and I have quite drinking. Over 30 days now in fact. And combined with several other changes, Ive never felt better.

This has been one of my main focuses in the last month. Ive been a heavy drinker since college. An addictive personality matched with a general disinterest in self. Led to many risky and perhaps bad decisions over the years.

I have been slowly dropping many of my bad habits in recent years. Several which i wont discuss here but some more notably however I will. The first to go was smoking which i know delighted Silas to no end as he had for years preached the evils of cigarettes. This year marks over 3 or 4 years since I had my last cigarette. I do still on occasion go to the hookah bar but this is largely a here or there occurence now.

And even with having kicked cigarettes and other bad habits, I leaned all the more heavily on alcohol when things werent perfect. This crutch however has finally been kicked thanks to the strength and support of my loving Queen, as well as the overwhelming support of our dearest friends.

Now please dont look for a self help here. I cant offer much advice on that as I have been lucky thay when I determine to do a thing or not, I do. Anything Ive ever quit, while sometimes it took several tries. The changes that stick have always been, "well no more of that", and then I didnt do it again. So i cant offer much in the way of helpful tips on how to quit other than do your best to replace actions that you associate with the bad habit with something new.

Harley: that's terribly unhelpful

Seraphin: I stated as much

Harley: you really dont have Any secrets that help you when you have to quit something.

Seraphin: be forceful in your determination to quit and have supportive people around you..? I told you this isnt a guide, anyway.

I have been making several such changes recently. I no longer drink, i only have a few sodas on the weekend if that, i workout hard 5 times a week, and i take better care of myself. Im refinding passions, writting, leather work, cosplay, working out, things id let fall aside due to depression, laziness and a general uncaring. Things are continuing to look up. And hopefully Ill also hear good news soon about the position i applied for in my company!

So i guess really what this story is about is a thank you. Thank you to those who have supported me, parents, sisters, Silad, my friends and recently and most all my Queen, they have supported me when i didnt care to support myself, when i wasnt worth supporting, and now in my efforts to be worthy of their support. I love all of you and thank you for continuing to help me on this path.

Always with love to you all. Be good to one another.