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What If Cells Get Better at Fixing Themselves - Science

When we're young, vibrant, and look sooo hot in our bell-bottomed blue jeans, our cells have great skills for repairing themselves and ensuring their DNA isn't damaged.  As we age, we get less good at that ... but what if we didn't lose that skill.  (Science Daily:  Scientists unveil a giant leap for anti-aging)

Check out their group pic:

This is professor David Sinclair and his UNSW team

Credit: Britta Campion

Contrary to the appearance of the way they were posed, they do not represent an upcoming TV show.

UNSW researchers have made a discovery that could lead to a revolutionary drug that actually reverses ageing, improves DNA repair and could even help NASA get its astronauts to Mars.

In a paper published in Science today, the team identifies a critical step in the molecular process that allows cells to repair damaged DNA.

Their experiments in mice suggest a treatment is possible for DNA damage from ageing and radiation. It is so promising it has attracted the attention of NASA, which believes the treatment can help its Mars mission.

- SD

Those statements are bold so what have we got here.

While our cells have an innate capability to repair DNA damage --  which happens every time we go out into the sun, for example -- their ability to do this declines as we age.

The scientists identified that the metabolite NAD+, which is naturally present in every cell of our body, has a key role as a regulator in protein-to-protein interactions that control DNA repair.

Treating mice with a NAD+ precursor, or "booster," called NMN improved their cells' ability to repair DNA damage caused by radiation exposure or old age.

"The cells of the old mice were indistinguishable from the young mice, after just one week of treatment," said lead author Professor David Sinclair of UNSW School of Medical Sciences and Harvard Medical School Boston.

- SD

That justifies a good measure of boldness.  Results observed after one week?  Well ...

It's going commercial:

For the past four years, Professor Sinclair and Dr Wu have been working on making NMN into a drug substance with their companies MetroBiotech NSW and MetroBiotech International.

The human trials will begin this year at Brigham and Women's Hospital, in Boston.

The findings on NAD+ and NMN add momentum to the exciting work the UNSW Laboratory for Ageing Research has done over the past four years.

- SD

The Rockhouse questions whether this is anywhere near a public release but there was recent science regarding the majority of mutations in DNA come from broken DNA (i.e. the existing maintenance mechanisms broke it).  Therefore, the type of approach offered today could have substantial positive consequences but we're not clear on how much testing has been done when we only see mice in the current experiments.

Roll the current experiment up with this one about cancer.  (MedicalNewsToday: Most cancer mutations result from DNA copying errors)

Best way to cure cancer is to prevent it and maybe they're onto it.

Sorting the hype from the real is on you and that's why the Rockhouse never paraphrases anything in these types of articles.  When there's a commercial incentive, things get distorted.  The interested student is always invited to continue to pursue the source article and find for yourself.

Before you get too dismissive about one-off results, Harvard did it too.  (Science Daily:  Critical step in DNA repair, cellular aging pinpointed)

As with NSW, their report presents magical things.

In a final step, scientists exposed mice to DNA-damaging radiation. Cells of animals pre-treated with NMN showed lower levels of DNA damage. Such mice also didn't exhibit the typical radiation-induced aberrations in blood counts, such as altered white cell counts and changes in lymphocyte and hemoglobin levels. The protective effect was seen even in mice treated with NMN after radiation exposure.

Taken together, the results shed light on the mechanism behind cellular demise induced by DNA damage. They also suggest that restoring NAD levels by NMN treatment should be explored further as a possible therapy to avert the unwanted side effects of environmental radiation, as well as radiation exposure from cancer treatments.

- SD

The Harvard article presents quite a bit of the chemical interaction so likely both will be of value if this content really lights you up.  Here at the Rockhouse, it looks like there's merit for that.

The Problem is a False Image of Reality - Pope Francis

Here is Pope Francis after he saw a false image of reality (I guess).

Here at the Rockhouse, we're guessing that's the Are You Fucking Serious look.

RT: ‘False image of reality’: Pope Francis castigates social media & reality TV

Ed:  are you really going to flog Facebook again?

Nah, we already know they have a false image of reality.  This one is entirely different.

Fadda, tell me about Intelligent Design, if you would, since I have a question about why the good Lord thought it best to put the food pipe and the wind pipe into the same fucking pipe.  Tell me that, if you could, Fadda.

See, the circumstance here is I drank a little Pepsi but, being a raging stoner dumb ass, some of that went the wrong way and I was coughing up a monster storm from it.  I could not catch my damn breath ... sounded horrible.

Yevette couldn't miss hearing it and she came back all worried.

One more time, she has cancer and will start treatment on Monday but she comes back worrying about me.

This stretches reality to Timbuktu and ties it to the damn fence.

Fadda, do you have any idea how shitty I feel behind that.  So, uh, let's talk about that Intelligent Design some more.

Frank:  do you want to confess, my son?

Well, I sure as hell have at least one item in disturbing her chill, don't I, Fadda.

Frank:  it's not me with Intelligent Design.  Maybe it was the Dalai Lama?

Nah, he's got an intelligent design but it's a different kind.  I think it was some asshole in Arizona somewhere.

Frank:  see, there's another one and you could confess the sin of profanity

Fadda, if I confess all my sins of profanity, you will be here until they need another Pope.  Allah is merciful so hopefully that will be a long time ... although infinitely boring in terms of repetition of a great many words and I'm sure you know the all-time favorites already.

Frank:  what will you do when you find whomever is responsible for the idea of Intelligent Design?

Easy.  Waterboard 'em.  How do you like the folly of this windpipe design now that you have to breathe Niagara Falls, holy man?

Frank:  we may need to talk a little more.

Maybe so, Fadda.

When Russians Talk of Democracy, Americans Laugh

Here's an article to set the stage for compound comedy on the stage of world democracy as Russians speak of it and Americans laugh at them for doing it.  (RT:  Democracy tops list of political systems preferred by Russians)

© Thomas Peter / Reuters

No idea what it may be ... some kind of Russian thing and the Moon.

The latest poll conducted by state-run VTSIOM shows most Russian citizens currently prefer to live in a republic and strongly oppose the very idea of restoring the monarchy.

The research, published on VTSIOM’s website on Thursday, showed the share of Russians who describe the preferred form of state rule as ‘republic’ is now 88 percent.  Only 6 percent answered that they would prefer their country to be a monarchy.

The poll was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the abdication of the last Russian Emperor – Tsar Nicholas II.

- RT

From the first words, Americans are laughing at the idea of democracy in Russia since many of them seem to think it works over here.  Tell you what, li'l statists, how about we try to sell those Bolsheviks on the Electoral College, huh?

Oy there, all you Bolshies, take that vote of all your people and then we will turn it over to the Bolshie Electoral College where they can change it.  Would that be alright?

Well, ain't that shocking.  They don't want to hear about it.

Overall, it looks like the Bolsheviks do it better.

Stalin walked all over Russia but the system was strong enough to finally wipe him out while retaining its fundamental principles.

Say Trump goes as Stalin crazy as some predict, do you believe the American system is strong enough to stop him without combat.  There was some shooting when Gorbachev put the final end to the Stalin era but not a whole lot.

Ed:  I hate hypothetical questions because some asshole pundit just asks them to answer them himself.

This one has to be hypothetical since it's never happened although there's valid argument the Intel component is the fifth column which is resulting in it in America.

The Bolshies elect better quality leaders these days.  No matter what your perception of him personally, he's highly-intelligent with excellent composure and a sound sense of reason.  Conversely, America hasn't elected anyone but turds since FDR.  They have no overt predilection for coprophilia so the basis for it is mystifying but it keeps on happening and they keep getting worse whereas the Bolshies elected Putin who may be the best they ever had.

Ed:  he was engaged with STASI!

Yah, yah, spare me the asleep at the wheel angle since we have been observing for years.  Trump had old women evicted from their homes.  Playing these types of angles is a punk game for MSM.

When I hear Bolsheviks don't want to go back, it pleases me.  There's no inspiration in that to tear their democracy down but rather to fix problems here (e.g. Electoral College).

Marvel Talks About Spiderman But Cincinnati Has a Real One - Science

George Uetz loves playing guitar and he loves spiders.  Fortunately, he is highly-talented with both and, thus, he has been enjoying these passions for quite a few years.  The talent isn't idle hype since he was on the WEBN Album Project at least twice.  He also raised black widow spiders for some research purpose so that definitely moves him into the Quick or the Dead category.

I went out to his house to play in a guitar circle and a freak is someone who takes a Stratocaster to such a gathering but, wtf, I had never been to one so I went over to get the vibe of it.  Everything was cool and I did learn this was not the place to take a Stratocaster but it was good anyway.

Afterward when all were leaving, Lon W looked at me and said, "Brilliant but disturbed."

I smiled and split since there really isn't an answer and I have tried, in my humble way, to live up to that ever since.

Note:  just in case Lon should see that, it's cool and the comfort for any madman is knowing we recognize each other.

Herewith, Professor George Uetz and he presents his wolf spiders this time.  This paper made it up to Science Daily so the Rockhouse brings it to you.  (Science Daily:  Biologists find surprising variability in courtship behaviors of wolf spiders)

Ed:  oh, man, are you seriously going to tell me he hangs out watching spiders fuck?

It's ethology, my brother.  Ethology is the study of behavior.  Fucking is part of behavior.  Ergo, he watches them fuck.  Better yet, we can watch him watching them fuck.

UC is helping to turn wolf spiders like this one (Schizocosa ocreata) into a model organism to study disease or environmental issues to benefit people.

Credit: Joseph Fuqua II/UC Creative Services

UC biology professor George Uetz has dedicated his career to the study of spiders, wolf spiders in particular. Spiders are simpler in neurophysiology than mice or other vertebrates, so their behavior should be determined more by DNA than any quirkiness among individuals.

But Uetz said spiders have more charisma than he ever imagined.

"There's a lot of variability in the individual," he said. "Some of that that arises from experience, just as in more complex animals."

- SD

Ed:  spider charisma???

Roll with it, Jethro.  You're the one telling me chickens have personalities.  Roll with it.

More than 200 species of wolf spiders live in the United States. As their name implies, they stalk their prey on the forest floor and in dry creek beds.  They are lone wolves, living and hunting on their own except for mating encounters, which are the subject of two studies this year by UC graduate students.

One UC student, Emily Pickett, examined two closely related species that look alike and share habitat. While the two spiders can interbreed, it's rare in the wild.  Pickett found that their unique courtship behavior helps maintain their genetic isolation.  One spider, Schizocosa ocreata, could woo females over a greater distance than the other, Schizocosa rovneri, by employing a combination of vibrations and visual signals unique to the species.

"We hypothesized that the two species diverged relatively recently.  This gives us good insights into the modification of species -- how one species develops into another," Pickett said.

- SD

Ed:  if you will take this spider home, you need to know the dance?

It does seem so.

Ed:  the Spider King made more Spider People!

It only takes one bite.

The students and their co-author, professor Uetz, presented their findings in March at the Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference at the University of Illinois. The conference accepted 95 papers from universities across the Midwest.

Students Pickett and Lallo are building on an investigation of spiders that professor Uetz began more than 40 years ago. Uetz has co-authored 120 peer-reviewed papers, chronicling how spiders communicate, select the best mate and learn from their mistakes. In 1976, he compiled a comprehensive list of native spiders found in Delaware.

- SD

I have regaled the Rockhouse Spider Terror many times but I still love how much Uetz digs them.

Usually the words for academics are 'publish or perish' but with Uetz it goes 'publish and do not get bitten by the spiders or perish.'  The Rockhouse seriously admires that kind of determination.

Ed:  it's crazy as hell!

The Rockhouse has never regarded craziness as a character fault.

They suggest an amusing pastime for the whole family:

Each new study begins at the Cincinnati Nature Center where researchers collect wild spiders in the forest.  Finding wolf spiders with LED flashlights is surprisingly easy at night. (Arachnophobes might say it's horrifyingly easy.)  Their eyes glitter in the lamplight like green gemstones.

"They blend in really well with the leaf litter.  But at night you can see all those eyes shining back.  You have no idea how many spiders are actually in your backyard until you put a headlamp on and look," Lallo said.

- SD

Tell me that won't be fun for the little ones, huh?

Note:  I believe the Cincinnati Nature Center was the stone building in Burnet Woods at the top of the steps.  Probably it's moved somewhere else since but that would have been such a cool place to work.  Hopefully kids still ice skate on the lake in the Winter after the blue flag goes up.  (If that's been stopped due to aeration or some such, I don't need to know.  It's a good 'un in the memory with that fire barrel at the end of the lake where kids would gather around it to warm a little.  That one is prime time Americana.)

Maybe the regulars noticed an article previously and I'm not going to chase it just now but that reviewed how spiders eat twice the weight in bugs relative to the weight of whatever all humans eat.  The Rockhouse Spider Terror is exceeded by Rockhouse Bug Terror.  Arabic logic applies in this circumstance since the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Mosquitos whack millions of people with disease.  Spiders whack billions of mosquitos.  Therefore, mosquito-killing spiders are my friends.

Here's the bit you have been awaiting ... the spider porno and it's as salacious as spider love gets.  It's also dangerous.

With its antic mating dance, ocreata has a nickname in the lab: "the twerking spider."

The male raises his fuzzy appendages over his head while bouncing his body and fangs on the ground to create vibrations.  Generally, spiders that make the strongest vibrations have the best breeding success, Uetz said.

The researchers watched as the male began to wave his front legs and strike the filter paper. "Here he goes," Uetz said.  "Here comes the female. Now look at her. She's interested."

The female cautiously approached the male and did a curtsy -- a spider invitation to mate. The male frantically bounced and waved.

"Yeah, she's excited. It's going to happen -- unless the male gets a little skittish," Uetz said.  Despite her apparent willingness, the male ran away to the edge of the arena where he resumed his dance, this time a little less enthusiastically.  The female approached again and did another pivot and curtsy but the male again backed away.

"They were close but then she reared up slightly and scared him.  She's armed and dangerous," Uetz said. "She's not being aggressive but he is clearly smaller than she is.  He doesn't have a lot of experience."

After another minute of posing, the female suddenly chased the male in two frantic laps around the arena. Lallo rescued him before the encounter could turn gruesome.

- SD

If the disco dance went by spider rules, John Travolta might not have showed.

There's a wealth more in the source article and the interested student is invited ...

If Israel is So Great, Why Do the Comedians Leave

Ed:  to blow up basketballs?

No, no, no, that's the answer to why is there air, the question posed by Bill Cosby, but we don't care about the answer anymore because it was usually filled with date rape drugs.

Any good comedian in America will often be Jewish ... or black ... or black and Jewish but that was Sammy Davis Jr and no-one was really sure what he did ... but he was cool about it.

Ed:  what about Jim Jefferies?

What about him?  It ain't a contest, mate.  Lots of good comedians are Jewish.  How should I know why.  I'm not Jewish.

Ed:  and you're not funny

No, I'm not ... as you often so fondly remind me.

We have a conundrum, however.

Ed:  I do not want a fucking conundrum, not another one!

Nevertheless, we have one.  If Jewish people are so funny then why don't Jewish comedians naturally flock to Israel.  If they are not funny then how is it there are Jewish comedians all over in America and they're ripshit funny.

Ed:  I don't care.  How's that for your conundrum?

It's an answer but neither of us is Jewish so it has no chance of being funny.

Ed:  going with your position above, it shouldn't make any difference

There probably isn't a way to save this schtick.

Ed:  there's always the bail out to Bloom County.  Berkeley Breathed is funny.

Is he Jewish?

The Sign Says Don't Pick the Dandelions - Bloom County

The state doesn't care if you will only make dandelion wine, comrade.  You didn't read the sign, now did you, and now you are in violation.

Our sensors detected your ideas of picking dandelions today, Yevette, and the state is monitoring.  We saw you pick that little yellow flower which was not a dandelion ... so you skated this time ... just this time.

Don't pick the dandelions

Read the signs

Say nice things about Donald Trump

Stop saying anyone involved with Paul Ryan's bullshit sleight-of-hand medical plan that he's been rolling out every twenty minutes for the last eight years should die in pain as they condemn millions of others.  Stop saying that too.

Stop saying you could pay for America's health care with as much as Republicans have spent in preventing it.

Read the signs

Don't pick the dandelions

GoFundme Campaign to Buy Rachel Maddow a State Uniform

Rachel Maddow makes such a precious but ultimately unsuccessful effort to paint herself as some kind of dissident but she's packing fifteen million dollars or better from it so she's obviously sucking up state dollars like a camel which just walked across the Sahara Desert.

For good propaganda, we know the Josef Goebbels technique of scripting all the material in favor of the state as we typically see from Fox News and to a confused extent with CNN.  That led to the obvious liability in the American system of propaganda which interpreted it as a binary situation.  When Fox News is propaganda, anything else is not.

That's the problem Rachel Maddow turned into an advantage since her material is as much scripted as that of Fox News and that makes the perfect overall propaganda solution in scripting that which is ostensibly the state and that which is ostensibly the opposition such that any real dissidence is swamped in a tidal wave of Crisco cooking grease.

Both positions push state-positive situations (e.g. ritual endorsement of the FBI and bugging Martin Luther King's bedroom, etc) and have nothing to do with opposition.

Ed:  Maddow isn't with CNN anymore.  Maybe she didn't think journalism was being served when CNN was going on about Lindsay Lohan's absent panties?

It doesn't matter where Maddow went any more than it matters where Megyn Kelly went.  They turned themselves into newsialites (i.e. news version of socialites) so now they don't have to do anything anymore and get paid just to show up ... it's the Hollywood dream come true.

The only thing important about Rachel Maddow is to ensure she wears role-appropriate clothing.

Ed:  appropriate to being a Lesbian?

We don't care who she bones; this is about how she acts.

There is apparel on eBay which would brighten the life of any state climber.  In the old days there were social climbers but that only wound up with hanging about with people like George Clooney or Kim Kardashian.  The Clintons showed the new way is state climbing since you end up with more money and George Clooney will kiss your fat ass on stage.  Kim Kardashian won't because she already has one.

Here's the standard issue, heavy-weather overcoat and, wtf, get one for Kelly as well.  At $600 on eBay, it's a steal.

Help us help Rachel Maddow.  When you represent the state, you ought to look like it and she must be mortified to have to present while still looking, at best, like late-college prep.  Help us help her.

Israeli Synagogue Bomber Fails Altogether in Creating Fake News

Many Jewish people can seem intimidating because they're wizard smart.  This article, however, is not about them.

This is about the worthless human baggage who has been calling in bomb threats to synagogues in America and around the world.  He was living the Jewish version of the Charlie Manson dream ... Helter Skelter.

Ed:  a Jewish person was doing that?

Oh, you thought it was Muslims?  They have easily held off the full weight of the U.S. military for well over sixteen years with almost no defenses.  Muslims may be many things but they are not stupid.

This un-named bucket of bolts, has the mind of a brain-challenged lizard, however.

A 19-year-old US-Israeli citizen has been arrested in southern Israel on suspicion of carrying out a wave of telephone bomb threats targeting Jewish centers and communities around the world.

 The months-long, multi-agency investigation led Israel Police’s International Crime Investigations Unit to the city of Ashkelon, where the suspect and his father were arrested, and a search of their home was conducted on Thursday, local mediareports. 

- RT:  19yo US-Israeli citizen arrested for wave of bomb threats against Jewish centers

Since we don't know his name, we will use the best guess of Charlie Manson because his plan was at least as malicious and stupid as the original but the former was more successful insofar as the first Manson's actions resulted in many more violent and painful deaths.

Charlie should have got some tips from Muslims or Fox News on fomenting revolutions online since they're relatively accomplished at it and Charlie couldn't have been more stupid about it if he put neon signs above the house which said, "GREAT TEL AVIV EATS HERE PLUS BOMB THREATS."

Yep, great food plus the most silly ass Charlie Manson plan since the shoe bomber.

Ed:  great food in Israel?  Are you fucking serious?  You're stoned, right?

Well, I have not precisely been to Israel and I never thought of bagels as anything but stale, chewy, and disgusting donuts so perhaps I have exaggerated that point unwittingly.

No, I am not stoned but I will correct that momentarily.

Note:  I don't need ganja to come up with crazy shit.  It just adds better audio.

Ed:  so long as someone else plays it?

Now that was cruel, homeboy.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Completely Insane Rube Goldberg Domino Stunts Using a Billion Dominos or So

Rube Goldberg would smile as this has got to be about as demented as it gets.

The large circular domino bomb is the record-breaking part but that's within a much wider scene of domino insanity with each segment sequencing the others.  It took multiple international teams to put this together.

What's Hot on the Blog 3/23


Britain - Lockerbie was a catastrophe

Valencia - some first-rate fire-starting in Spain

Marching - it seems this universal draft in America isn't such a nightmare

Pentagon - they try to pitch if a big nuke war is bad then how about a little one and they have loads of tactical nukes to start it

Music - Playing for Change

The Battle - carriers are toast when they start shooting off the weapons in orbit they say they don't have up there

Researcher - dedication to research is all the more admirable when it involves fire

Maine - fires abound in the news today but they give us a chance to feel superior

Good Luck - the bumble bee isn't endangered in the same way as honeybees and the situation is critical for rusty-patched bumble bees

Because Tulsi - her defiance regarding ganja laws is appreciated but that still leaves a gaping hole from the grossly neglectful situation with interdiction of heroin

Researcher Investigates Ignition Temperature for Books and Also for Homes

Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which a book ignites and burns.  "Fahrenheit 451" is also the title of a favorite of Kurt Vonnegut's books.  Probably many of you read it either willingly or were forced in school but maybe it has poofed from that curriculum for unknown reasons since.

From "Fahrenheit 451," we learn about being 'unstuck in time' and that brings the finest kind of existentialism in which I know that I am but I don't know when I am.

From there we go to Florida for the latest research into Fahrenheit 451 with the burning of paperback books.  As with all good science, this led to more research.

CNN: Florida fire started by book burning destroys at least 10 homes

Our researcher not only found the ignition temperature for the books but also for his home, neighborhood, and four hundred surrounding acres.

At least 10 homes in Nassau County, Florida, were destroyed in a wildfire caused by a man who was burning books Wednesday.

Only a few minor injuries to emergency personnel have been reported in what's being called the Garfield Road Fire, according to the Florida Forest Service. But it has burned an estimated 350 to 400 acres near Bryceville, about 20 miles west of Jacksonville.


If you listen carefully, you can hear Gutenberg laughing and calling out, "Sie sind ein Idiot!"

Note:  no-one was physically hurt or not much.

Yes, they are sending him a bill for all the firefighting and he's liable for all damages.  Bankruptcy doesn't get you out of a court order so he will be living on fish sticks for life.

In whom will you entrust the responsibility for burning books since someone has to do it.  When publishers print a million copies, there will be just a few surplus.  There are many books which are just chaff and the Silas immediately chucks romance books into the fire.

Ed:  so we can't trust you to do it?

Nope, I'm not your best choice for a Fireman.

All those surplus books need to be recycled to make more pulp to make more books.  The Rockhouse doesn't believe books are obsolete but they will get a lot more expensive since maybe reading becomes a rich man's pleasure and he insists on the finest papers for the books.  That will make them too expensive for we groundlings but at least they will still exist.

Way back, Doc worked at Lance's Bookstore in Clifton in Cincinnati and their clientele was almost entirely drawn from the student body of the University of Cincinnati across the street.  They sold an enormous number of books but there were many they didn't and the publishers didn't want them back.

To get a credit for unsellable books with the publisher, they tore off the covers of the books to return those but the books now had no cash value so do whatever you like with them.

To Doc that meant take a pile home so there were books all over the place but, regrettably, few in this part of the house had covers.  He was going through Sartre and all the philosophers because it interested him but his career wound up in working on gigantic machines.

You may think you have that mechanic pegged but you probably don't.

Probably all the sibs wound up with the same programming.  Only a heathen devil dog would damage a book.

Music Is My Ammunition | Afro Fiesta | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

It's the only ammunition I ever needed.

This video features Mermans Mosengo, Jason Tamba, Roberto Luti and some new family members from Cuba and Jamaica including Stephen Marley.   Sometimes in music we can find both forgiveness and hope at the exact same time.  This song is the title track from Afro Fiesta's new album.

Afro Fiesta - Music is My Ammunition available now:
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- YouTube

Because Tulsi Gabbard Loves Us When No-One Else Does

Many of you, likely the majority of you, realize busting people for marijuana has nothing to do with drug control and the state just does it because it can.  That gives legal justification for SWAT raids so that makes a love connection for Washington.

We much prefer the love connection from Tulsi Gabbard since she recognizes the damage from this capricious behavior by the state.

“Mostly in poor and minority communities our current laws are turning everyday Americans into criminals, sending them to jail, ruining their lives, tearing apart families and wasting huge amounts of taxpayer dollars to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate people for marijuana use,” Gabbard’s statement said.

- RT:  Decriminalizing pot: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard backs act to stop ‘tearing apart families’

Marijuana doesn't tear up families but prosecution light years beyond any valid concern of protection for anyone wrecks families routinely and without the tiniest concern for it.

Note:  most of the SWAT raids are for drugs and not terrorism prevention.  I don't have the citation but I suspect you know it intuitively.

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has urged Congress to federally decriminalize marijuana Tuesday, introducing a bipartisan act to to remove the drug from the federal controlled substances list.

“FBI reports have shown that in 2011 alone, an individual in the United States was arrested for marijuana use, sale or possession every 42 seconds,” Gabbard said in a statement.

- RT

How about that figure for your fiscally-conservative bippy?

Note:  the bippy had to be resurrected from "Laugh In" to see if anyone is paying attention.

You all know the spiel since it's a waste of money prosecuting it, etc, etc.

My only concern if I'm busted is how long before I can get some more.  It's not that cops are too stupid to find me but a sixty-six-year-old stoner isn't worth busting.  I don't sell anything and cops aren't interested when there's no commerce.  Cops need me as much as stale donuts.

The interesting part to the Rockhouse is Tulsi Gabbard has the stones to take the direct position.  It's not the strongest since decriminalization couldn't be less aggressive than reading "High Times" and calling it a day but, relative to the flaccidity or overt negativity in Congress, she's the current NORML racehorse.

Note:  NORML is National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws and it has been in existence since the Sixties.

Congress isn't even doing anything about heroin which is a real-time major league problem so the probability of losing the nuisance laws around marijuana is probably not too high.  All of us know it already that focus on marijuana takes it away from heroin since stoners don't screw with it but the state remains intransigent on the matter.

All of us know already the problem with heroin is extreme.  Lotho has given some exemplary reports on the real world experience and that's most appreciated when mostly any news on the subject comes with heavy synth and dramatic pundit delivery.  And you all know already drama is the last thing the subject needs.

Something which really is needed is real interdiction of heroin instead of this pony boy bullshit from Homeland Security.  Calling a country secure when it's awash in heroin is just about as darkly laughable as it gets.

Genital Prudence | Bloom County | Berkeley Breathed

Of course you know the importance of the matter.  Only cats may use this litter box; it's the law.  Opus is the Potty Guard to ensure the sanctity of the stool.

For as long as Bloom County lasts, there is hope.  Opus watches over us all at the Rockhouse.  I have pictures to prove it but I have posted them previously.

Opus is doing a proper job of it since weather is pleasant, vibe is good, and informational sitrep from local sources flows positive.

Note:  that looks like a military word but I never actually heard anyone say it in the Army.

Ed:  Opus is the Rockhouse Potty Guard?

Affirmative and he does a sterling job of it.

Sweetness and sunbeams have been flying about all over the place in recent days and there's furlough until Monday after a few more days of skirmishes.  There was an offer of a trip to Outback from another and that fell apart but it couldn't be helped.  I'm thinking that has to happen anyway.

That's not a back-handed request since I'm not really sure I can hack it when that's some rich chow relative to that which usually passes the Silas' chompers (i.e. prison food).  If I finish that salad, I'm over ... but it's such a good salad.  Then I crap out before the steak even arrives and that beautiful filet would just silently laugh.  You could have held back on that salad but nooooo ...

I know this isn't so cryptic it flies past the regulars and people may think they want detail but they wouldn't.

It looks like time for the eat, drink, and be merry move so that tells me the vino has to be there and this has to be a sit-down gig.  I was thinking to-go might do it but Yevette wouldn't mind a little vino at this particular juncture.

Just had the instant visual of high drama by the roadside if I get popped since the only current ID I've got is a VA card.  A cop is seriously not going to dig that but I've got a king hell weeper of a tale to unload.

The drama isn't getting whacked by the cop but telling that tale.  Who the hell wants to do that.

The drama is real since the cop can make me get the car towed if he wants to be prickish about it.  Yevette is loaded with Don't Think About Driving meds from the doctor and she's well past Vicodin, etc.  That's the juncture with an Extremely-Screwed Circumstance so this could easily turn from dashing to dumb ass.

This looks like a five-point toss-up for Yevette.  I'm willin' so long as we go in daylight hours since I attract zero attention when I'm driving.  I won't be stoned but it's not likely I ever float all the way back down and I'm tanked on the drivers license anyway.

Being brave doesn't mean much if it gets us busted so this will get some review with Yevette.  Yep, that's the ticket.