Sunday, November 12, 2017

Con Season Recap

Its a weird time of year where we are not going to any conventions and all of the focus has shifted to the everyday. Now as you can imagine, we in Ithaka generally find the everyday rather dull so the Off Season is always a bit of a drag as it begins.

This year was packed full of amazing cons, the first of which was scheduled to be just for Her Majesty the Queen, however, courtesy of Royal Aid from the Parental Kingdom I was able to make a last minute trip to join her. The trip was full of excitement and fun and inspired me for future costumes.

Me dressed as Oda from Bungo Stray Dogs. Photo by InTempest Photography

Our next con of the year took us just the short drive to Downtown for the day where Her Highness won the beginners division makers costume contest for a costume she not only made from scratch but also designed and created the pattern for. (Shes much more talented than I am in but has never competed before), while I was bumped up to the Intermediate division and placed 3rd.

This wad a great honor to me because my inspiration and the man i look up to in leather crafting was one of the judges and his acknowledgment of my progress from when i first started made the entire hospital visit worth it (long story short, i became so focused back when i made the outfit that my diet for 3 days was soda and rum/soda and i forgot to eat completely. I ended up having to go to the er for a blood sugar of 34. Short visit, slap on the wrist. Luckiky now when i get too focused there are ppl shoving food at me once in a while haha) either way, it was worth it. Shown below is the costume that got me 3rd place and a huge med bill lol: Gladiator Harley Quinn (the hammer i made too and doubles as a "backpack"). Picture courtesy of Her Royal Highness the Queen

Harley: oh, hey! There I am! Bout time you let me in on the fun again.

Seraphin: well Harley its been very busy lately and you tend to be a trouble maker.

Harley: gasp* I'm offended! If anything I'm a fun maker!

Seraphin: that may be true as well but weve had to stay focused lately. I know you hate the off season but theres more fun coming, don't you worry.

Harley: not soon enough.

Now anyway, following that we were off for a short visit to the Parental Kingdom and a little con over that way. It was small but entertaining, largely because i got to debut 3 new cosplays, one of which noone had done yet and I was blown away that people noticed and talked about it on a message board within hours of my first pictures posting.

The above is my debuted character people loved. Mushitaro from Bungo Stray Dogs. Photo courtesy of the Queen.

Ohio was my last stop for the year, where i got to not only enjoy a wonderful weekend with close friends, I also got to meet and get to know a new friend who is now very important in my life. It was an Amazing weekend and everyone loved all of our outfits. So I am eagerly awaiting the next con I can attend. Below is a photo of or squad relaxing at the end of the con as well as my top cosplay for the weekend.
Pictures courtesy of me (top) InTempest Pgotography (bottom)

Si2: that is really a quite nice edit job he did on your arm and around the hand.

Seraphin: It really is! The character is Todoroki from My Hero Academia and half his body controls fire while the other controls ice. This is really wana my favorite shots from this shoot.

Another last minute con that I wasnt able to attend with Her Highness and our retinue is definately on the list for next year since the entire thing takes place at a water park and I'm quite excited for that.

We had planned for one more con in Atlanta prior to the end of the season but we chose instead to redo the living room and dining area of the castle with new paint, new lighting, new outlets and of course new furniture. It is now much more Ithakan than before and we feel the trade was well worth it.

For now we have begun plans for next years season and we are very excited to be starting with a con we have not gone to before near DC. Itll be quite fun.

That's all for now on the Ithakan Con Front. Have a good evening. Much love to you all


Anonymous said...

What no pics of the Queen

Seraphin said...

There is one, she just doesnt look herself, rarely does at cons. She is in fact, a Mistress of Disguise

Anonymous said...

Fairy Princess is excited to work on her white tiger costume Hopefully it will be done in time
See next week