Saturday, July 15, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/16

When a sinkhole eats your house, it's kind of a bitch ... but it's a major bitch when you realize the house was built on top of a previously-remediated sinkhole.  (My News 13:  WATCH: Growing sinkhole swallowing homes in Land O'Lakes)

Tip:  call a different plumber.

Note:  that's the kind of genius we usually expect from Florida but not this time.

If you worried because the Ship of Fools does not really have a face, now it's got several of them, some in blackface, now with considerably fewer relatives than they had the day before.  (RawStory:  White beauty blogger “wasn’t aware” of blackface before she created the chocolate challenge)

If you're a budget-minded perv, there is hope.  What says yum yum more than used porno kit?  Am I right, my brothers and sisters?  (SFGate:  Porn site is holding another prop sale at the Armory this weekend)

When you chase a police car to pursue your boyfriend, it may be time to review your life goals somewhat, young lady.  (Metro:  Obsessive woman jailed after chasing police car that was helping boyfriend escape her)

More incredibly cute animals than you will likely find all day and there's even a sifaka.  (Artsy:  This Photographer Is on a Mission to Document 12,000 Animal Species before They Go Extinct)

Ed:  what's a sifaka?

No idea except it's really cute.

If you have not seen Janeane Garofolo in "The Matchmaker," it's time and of course you have seen her in "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" but she sets a whole parade of Irishmen straight in Matchmaker and she owns "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" in which she's just vicious.  How can you not love her.  (The Guardian:  Janeane Garofalo is a tiny thing, but the air around her crackles)

The sad loss of a brilliant woman who died much too young of breast cancer.  By brilliant, I mean smarter than mortals such as we can possibly imagine.  (The Guardian:  Maryam Mirzakhani, first woman to win mathematics' Fields medal, dies at 40)

The Guardian also offers the standard bilge water.  Is this dark conservatism darker than conservatism already was or darker than that.  Inquiring minds just don't give a fuck.  (The Guardian:  Trump is ushering in a dark new conservatism)

We often think yeah, yeah, promises, promises regarding Centrist Democrats but there's no chance they will live up to this one.  (RT:  73% of Dems would give up alcohol for life to see Trump impeached, survey says)

Google has robo mosquito breeders but there is actual sense to them.  (RT:  Google’s life science division to release 20mn infected mosquitoes in California)

How is that vape working out for you ... whoa ... I guess not so well.  (RT:  Got a light? Vaporizer battery explodes, engulfs woman’s purse in flames (VIDEO))

When you find your state has stupid lawyers, there's the obvious answer of making the bar exam easier.  (New York Times:  California Supreme Court Moves to Make Bar Exam Easier to Pass)

Some seem surprised when things from Ted Cruz don't work.  (The Guardian:  Cruz provision in Republican health bill 'unworkable in any form', insurers warn)

When errors in grammar turn violent, you're probably in Chicago.  (The Onion:  4 Copy Editors Killed In Ongoing AP Style, Chicago Manual Gang Violence)

Scientists conclude they don't know what the fuck the human genome is doing.  Maybe it's 25% functional or maybe it's 80%; we just don't fuckin' know.  (  New limits to functional portion of human genome reported)

The USS Fitzgerald is going to need a shitload of new windows.  (USNI News:  New Dry Dock Photos Show the Scope of Hidden USS Fitzgerald Damage)

Celine Dion posed nude for Vogue and CNN is practically begging people to look.  Unknown if it's working since, well, I didn't look.

Suddenly Obama's vacations with the filthy rich make sense.  (Fox News:  Obama library foundation now allows corporate donations, millions roll in)

How can motherhood compete against simple vanity, especially for a Mommy Blogger.  Meet this year's leading nominee for Mother of the Year.  (Yahoo:  The reason this mom won't let her son accept a perfect-attendance award)

We can't wait to see their show about what they will do with ancient mummified Egyptians.  (MSN:  These Guys Drank a 61-Year-Old Bottle of Coca-Cola)


Anonymous said...

Two quick ones
Garafslo is horrendous but if you love her so be it
And Dion's claim to fame is one of the finest voices of her generation.
And we'll worth the $300+ to see her in Las Vegas home shows
And looks like an unclothed version would make most men rather happy

Peas InOurThyme said...

Of course I love Garofolo. Ha!

Dion is almost a tragedy as the one who wasn't Streisand and I don't intend that in a mean way. It's more about Fate than anything else.

I'm sure you must really dig Las Vegas but it still amuses me as a place I wouldn't ever go and not for any den of iniquity reasons but rather I would overamp and blow a fuse just from all the lights, noise, etc.

Dunno about the unclothed version of Dion since celebrity nudes have been one of the fastest ways to annihilate any interest in sex. The celebrities have become so prissy and virginal, this man would rather hang out with Toby the Dog.